Difference Between a CNA and an EMT

You might be asking yourself about the differences between a certified nurses aide, or CNA and an emergency medical technician, or EMT. This could be a question that you have been spending a considerable amount of time on if you are in a position where it is time to choose a career and you’re not sure exactly what you want to do. Many people that are considering breaking into the field of healthcare know that they want an entry level job that allows them to take care of others, but they may not know everything that is involved aside from that simple fact. It is important to know the difference between a CNA and an EMT because they are two vastly different jobs that will undoubtedly provide you with a vastly different experience considering your chosen profession.

A CNA is basically there to help the nurses. You might work in a hospital or in a nursing home. Patients have to be turned, bathed and dressed on a daily basis and beds must be cleaned. More often than not, this is the job that you will be doing, along with anything else that is within your scope of practice the nurses need you to do. You can think of a career as a CNA as being a nurse’s personal assistant. Therefore, you will be helping all of the nurses who are working on the floor at that particular time. It is important to note that the things you can and cannot do might vary from state to state, so you have to know the laws in the state where you are working and be aware of the protocols associated with the company that hired you. It is fairly easy to find CNA classes online or in your local community, as they are often sponsored by hospital institutions, community colleges, or even the Red Cross.

Working as an EMT provides a very different experience from that of the CNA. When you work as an EMT you will be working out in the field instead of working inside a building. Your job will be to go out to the patients that are sick or injured, help them on site and then get them to the closest hospital as needed. You will learn things like bleeding control, airway management and other basics that are associated with emergency medicine. Your job will be to assist your partner who may be another EMT or a Paramedic. In some cases, you will be based out of the hospital and will be expected to help in the emergency room when you are not out on a call. In other cases, you will be based in a separate location. Again, your scope of practice will vary from state to state and your experience as an EMT will depend dramatically on the service that you are working for, as each service is different from the next.